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Mission Guides

It is illegal under copyright law to reproduce any published Internet material, be it text, art, music, coding, images, et cetera, without permission from it's creator or owner. Copyright infringement is illegal and punishable by fine and imprisonment. The following guides and all of their content must not be reproduced anywhere under any circumstances apart from on this site, and other sites owned by Psy. If these guides are seen anywhere else other than the sites mentioned above please inform the author, Psy, on the email [email protected], and the situation will be dealt with by whichever means necessary. All of the screenshots in the guide were taken using a video capture card by Psy. Every single word of text was written by Psy from scratch in notepad and then converted into HTML. There's over 33,000 words in the complete missions guide and it was all written in seven days! The guide has been split up into sections of mission locations for easier viewing. Click on the images below to view that sections missions. At the bottom of each page you'll find links to the other areas of missions.

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