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100% Completion

There are 187 objectives in total in GTA San Andreas which are REQUIRED for 100% completion. There are various side missions and objectives which are not required, and there are various objectives included in some of the objectives listed below which are not required separately, but are required altogether. For example Chiliad Challenge 1 gives you no extra percent, neither does the second or third on their own, however after winning all three races you'll be awarded with the percentage. The same thing goes with the import export. You get no percent for each single car, but you do get percent for the fully completed list. If you wrote down your percentages after every single objective (as I did) you'll notice the percentage jumps from 0.53% for one objective to 0.54% for the next. This isn't programmed into the game though. What is programmed is that you receive 0.534759358% per objective which is then rounded up or down to two decimal places. If you're missing 0.53% when you come to the end of the game, it will be any one of the objectives listed below. One last note is that you receive no percent for the first three street races in Los Santos because you did them in missions and received the percentage there. It's rather confusing, but all you need to know is that you must have fully completed every objective below for 100%.

Special thanks to my good friend Geordie Dude for assisting me in the creation of this list.

Purchase Los Santos Safe Houses (6)
Verona Beach
El Corona
Santa Maria Beach
Purchase Countryside Safe Houses (5)
Palomino Creek
Angel Pine
Purchase San Fierro Safe Houses (6)
Calton Heights
Purchase San Fierro Businesses (2)
Zero's RC Shop
Wang Cars
Purchase Desert Safe Houses (3)
El Quebrados
Tierra Robada
Fort Carson
Purchase Desert Businesses (1)
Abandoned Airfield
Purchase Las Venturas Safe Houses (9)
Whitewood Estate
Pirates In Men's Pants
The Camel's Toe
The Clown's Pocket
Old Venturas Strip
Rockshore West
Prickle Pine
Redsands West
Collectables (4)
Spray Over 100 Tags
Take 50 Snapshots
Collect 50 Horseshoes
Find 50 Oysters
Sub-Missions (6)
Complete 50 Taxi Missions
Complete Vigilante Level 12
Complete Firefighter Level 12
Complete Pimping Level 10
Complete Paramedic Level 12
Complete 2 Levels Of Freight Missions
Hidden Side Missions (3)
Win BMX Challenge
Win All 3 Chiliad Challenges
Win NRG-500 Challenge
Stadium Challenges (4)
Win 8-Track
Win Blood Bowl
Win Dirt Track
Win Kick Start
Gym Moves (3)
Win Los Santos Gym Moves
Win San Fierro Gym Moves
Win Las Venturas Gym Moves
Ammu-Nation Gun Challenges (4)
Win Pistol Challenge
Win Micro SMG Challenge
Win Shotgun Challenge
Win AK-47 Challenge
School Objectives (4)
Pass All Tests At Driving School
Pass All Tests At Boat School
Pass All Tests At Flying School
Pass All Tests At Bike School
Asset Missions (3)
Complete 8 Trucker Missions
Complete Level 5 Of Valet Parking
Complete 7 Quarry Missions
Courier Missions (3)
Los Santos -  Roboi's Food Mart
San Fierro - Hippy Shopper
Las Venturas - Burger Shot
Street Races (22)
Win Little Loop
Win Backroad Wanderer
Win City Circuit
Win Vinewood
Win Freeway
Win Into The Country
Win Dirtbike Danger
Win Bandito Country
Win Go-Go Karting
Win San Fierro Fastlane
Win San Fierro Hills
Win Country Endurance
Win SF To LV
Win Dam Rider
Win Desert Tricks
Win LV Ringroad
Win World War Ace
Win Barnstorming
Win Military Service
Win Chopper Checkpoint
Win Whirly Bird Waypoint
Win Heli Hell
Import / Export (3)
Complete Import List 1
Complete Import List 2
Complete Import List 3
Main Story Missions (96)
Big Smoke + Sweet & Kendl
Tagging Up Turf
Cleaning The Hood
Nines And AK's
Sweet's Girl
Cesar Vialpando
OG Loc
Running Dog
Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Just Business
Home Invasion
Robbing Uncle Sam
Life's A Beach
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Management Issues
House Party
High Stakes, Low Rider
Burning Desire
Gray Imports
Los Sepulcros
Reuniting The Families
The Green Sabre
Tanker Commander
Body Harvest
Local Liquor Store
Against All Odds
Small Town Bank
Wu Zi Mu
Farewell, My Love...
Are You Going To San Fierro?
Wear Flowers In Your Hair
555 WE TIP
Air Raid
Supply Lines...
New Model Army
Photo Opportunity
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno
Snail Trail
Ice Cold Killa
Pier 69
Toreno's Last Flight
Mountain Cloud Boys
Ran Fa Li
Amphibious Assault
The Da Nang Thang
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Zeroing In
Test Drive
Customs Fast Track
Puncture Wounds
Verdant Meadows
Black Project
Green Goo
Fender Ketchup
Explosive Situation
You've Had Your Chips
Don Peyote
Architectural Espionage
Key To Her Heart
Dam And Blast
Cop Wheels
Up, Up And Away!
Intensive Care
The Meat Business
Fish In A Barrel
Madd Dogg
High Noon
Saint Mark's Bistro
A Home In The Hills
Breaking The Bank At Caligula's
Vertical Bird
Home Coming
Beat Down On B Dup
Grove 4 Life
Cut Throat Business
Los Desperados
End Of The Line

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