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San Fierro Locations

This page contains information or comments on some of the locations you will find yourself in when visiting San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All of this information was gathered from the official site.

● Juniper Hollow
San Fierro's residential district, famous for its steep streets, characteristic housing, and annoying liberals telling the rest of the world how to live.

● Jizzy's Pleasure Domes
The premium place for adult entertainment. That most adult form of entertainment - Shoving money down strangers panties.

● Tanker
Popular with Asian gangs involved in smuggling operations.

● Gant Bridge Visitor Center
It's a really big bridge. And it looks very nice. Therefore you should come to our visitor center! After all, you haven't really been somewhere until you've been to their visitor center.

● Binco
Did someone say trailer trash? Or ghetto? Budget clothing. Popular with people who can't afford anything nice. What are we? The fashion police?

● Doherty
Old industrial neighborhood under heavy redevelopment as yuppies and businessmen move in as fast as they can.

● Wang Cars
Wang sells nothing but the best cars.

● Transfender Body Shop
Body swap service popular with people who buy a car, then want to make it look like a different car. Probably the same kind of people who like creative plastic surgery.

● Pay N Spray
America's favourite re-spray shop since 1974. Apparently popular with criminals re-painting stolen vehicles, but we have not seen anything. Ever.

● Garage
This part of town is full of run down businesses and failed services. Now full of drug dealers, prostitutes and pimps. I think I will go and investigate undercover. It might look like I'm buying drugs and sleeping with hookers, but I will be fighting crime.

● Cranberry Station
Train station in Cranberry. Popular with anyone who wants to get onto a train.

● Downtown
Upscale business area surrounding the Financial district.

● Big Pointy Building
Good lord! Look at that! That architect must have real issues. It's sick. Just keep him away from children.

● Valet Parking
The ultimate American dream - Get someone else to park your car.

● Windy, Windy, Windy, Windy, Street
An extremely windy street. Great for tourists. Otherwise, completely pointless.

● Easter Basin
Docklands and bay area waterfront, has become home to Vietnamese gangs including the Da Nang Boys, Shining Razors and Butterfly Children.

● Aircraft Carrier
Government Vessel Full of Sailors who seem to like being stationed in San Fierro. Wonder why?

● Da Nang Boys
Vietnamese street gang. Extremely violent. At war with local Chinese ("Triads") gangs. Uncontrollable. Major interests in protection.

● Dry Dock
Dry dock facilities are useful for docking boats that don't like to get wet.

● Import/Export Ship
San Fierro docks have long been used as a major smuggling route into the US. Overrun with criminals, gangsters and corruption. Believed to be a major entry point for drugs, illegal immigrants, weapons, food stuffs and anything else we haven't properly taxed yet.

● Xoomer Gas Station
Listen to this guy - It makes one thing very clear - Winners don't do drugs.

● Garcia
San Fierro Rifa territory. Bordering on Hashbury. This semi-industrial sector is believed to have become a major hub in the international drugs trade.

● Cobra Martial Arts Dojo
A lot of cops train here. The showers are great, although we all wind up sharing the one shower head. And someone always loses the soap.

● San Fierro Rifa
Hispanic street gang. Dislike of Mexican gangs from Los Santos. Possible involvement in cocaine trade further information classified.

● Zero's RC Shop
Owner insists that it is not a toy store. Instead they sell 1/10th scale replicas of reality. Owner called Zero. Kind of a dork.

● Angel Pine
Logging town at the foot of Mount Chiliad, now a center for outdoor sports such as mountain biking and wearing expensive outdoor clothing.

● Ammunation
America's favorite gun store since 1962. Ammunation are famed for their try-it-before-you-buy-it specials, for their unflinching fight against communists and Pinkos, and for not giving a rat's ass about background checks. It's a national institution! After all, guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.

● Mount Chiliad
The highest mountain in the whole state. Very popular with people who like to get high. I mean people who like to feel on top of the world. I mean people who have nothing better to do than walk up a goddamn hill. It's crime-free. Why is it on a crime report? Nobody is going to steal it.

● Rest Stop
Truck Stop.

● San Fierro Medical Center
Just hope you got insurance. Thank God we ain't communists. Free health care is revolting.

● Hashbury
Hippies! Don't they just make your skin crawl. They're useless, pointless, meaningless, soap-dodging parasites. In my day, we would round up guys like this and shoot them. That's why we fought the war!

● Corvin Stadium
The official home of the Sixty Niners! The most up and down, you win some, you lose some team in sports!

● "The Farm"
This region is riddled with marijuana farms. It's a crime and you shouldn't do it, because if you do it, you are a criminal. Luckily, we get to bust criminals and put them in prison, where they get raped by killers. Ha Ha.

● Alex's Hot Dogs
Small, vehicular fast food vendor. Believed to have been a mechanic who once worked with organized crime in Vice City. Constantly stoned. Friends with hippies.

● Cluckin' Bell
America's favorite use of the battery farm. It's healthy, nutritious and deep-fried.

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