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GTA San Andreas Game Changer v1.0
Description:This program removes the need to install new main.scm, script.img and other files every time I wanted to play a different mod. This program is basically an automated game-swapper. By specifying the main.scm and files you want to replace, the system will change all of the necessary files at the touch of a button. It also has a save-swap feature that only shows the saved games used by the main.scm at the current time to stop players loading incorrect saves and causing the system to crash. Features: 5 mods installed at same time, 10 files replacing, Save feature, Simple Interface
Creator:Adam Carlile (The EnCoDeR)
Date Added:2:17 PM 8/4/05
Last Download:6:21 AM 2/23/19
Rating:5.4/10 (139 votes)
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