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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5)

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Looking for info on Grand Theft Auto 5 - which will also be set in San Andreas? We launched our GTA V web site in March 2011, and it's brimming with content about the new GTA game. For GTA 5 Information, GTA 5 Videos, GTA 5 Screenshots and the latest GTA 5 News, head over to now!

We also have new forums, so if you used to visit us here back in the day, make sure you get signed up at our GTA 5 Forums

Welcome to the archived site. This site is here to provide up to date information on the impressive Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game. The site originally started on February 17, 2003 based on rumours and speculation, and after over a year of working with no content, the game was finally confirmed. Since then the site has gone through two different layouts and is now settling on this, the third design for the site. The site is (was) updated daily and aims to be one of the best resources for GTA: San Andreas information. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the site and find everything useful. We also suggest using a screen resolution of 800x600 or 1024x768 to view this site. is no longer updated, however the site will remain for archive purposes. News below via

Posted on 23 Apr 2014 (200 Views)
The next Snapmatic contest is now live! Rockstar wants you to take pics of Cargobobs - but more specifically their cargo - providing transportation services.

Now’s your chance to put your hook-drag-and-drop skills (and photographic prowess) to the test. Your mission: pick something up with the Cargobob; drop it where it absolutely doesn’t belong; snap the most creative, impressive, beauteous or amusing Snapmatic photo of it that you can.

From now through end of day Monday, April 28th, capture your wildest and most unique Cargobob drop offs and tag them with #ThanksCargobob on Snapmatic. Don't be afraid to think outside the box - strange drops are encouraged. Our five favorite Snapmatic shots will be featured at the Rockstar Newswire and the winning photographers will receive GTA$1M and a deluxe Rockstar Prize Pack including GTAV tees and hoodies, a Los Santos trucker cap, a GTAV Gold Bar USB Drive, official stickers, and an iFruit phone case.

To enter, Social Club members can upload photos from the in-game iFruit phone to the Snapmatic page at When logged in at the Snapmatic page, you can go to "My Photos" to find your photo and add the hashtag #ThanksCargobob to automatically have it considered for entry. Rockstar adivses that you check that your contact email information is up to date in your Social Club account settings and encourage you to link your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to your Social Club profile so that they can easily contact you to send prizes should your picture be chosen.

Contest is void in certain countries and where prohibited. See official rules and eligibility rules.

Have fun and good luck! Join the fun at the GTA 5 forums!

Posted on 11 Apr 2014 (1628 Views)
Adding on to the over 4 million player-created Deathmatches and Races, the Creator community (you and other fans) can now make their own original customized Capture Jobs with the Capture Creator Update for GTA Online. Strategically place pick-ups, define weaponry, location and lots of other variables to make your own unique Capture Job for others to take on. As usual Rockstar will be reviewing your homemade Capture creations to stamp standout experiences as Rockstar Verified.

As a little bonus for early birds in the community who are planning to make the first Capture creation masterpieces this weekend, Rockstar is going to give 4 creators the opportunity to score a cool $GTA1,000,000 and the exclusive in-game CAPTURE license plate in the #CaptureWeekend Awards. The four official selections will also join the hallowed ranks of Rockstar Verified Jobs and be invited to join Rockstar on a future live broadcast on Twitch to play through and talk about their creations.

To help you get started, they've created a handy PDF guide that will walk you through the process of creating your own Capture Jobs.

Rockstar is also extending the 2X GTA$ and RP period that was originally scheduled to end today through next week - so playing any Capture Jobs, including those made with the Creator tools will earn you twice as much GTA$ and RP until the end of the day on Sunday, April 20th!

To submit your published Capture Job for consideration head to the GTA Online section of Social Club and find your created Jobs. In the details area of the Job you think is worthy, click the Edit Tags button at the bottom, add #CaptureWeekend to the edit box, and click Save. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday. See full terms and conditions here.

Have fun and share your creations in the new Creator forum at the GTA V forums!

Posted on 08 Apr 2014 (1188 Views)
As promised, this Friday, April 11th, you'll be able to construct your own Capture Jobs with the GTA Online Creator tool. This update will let you create Jobs across any of the four Capture Job variants - Contend, GTA, Hold, and Raid - and publish them for all to play, rate and share via the Rockstar Games Social Club.

In honor of this forthcoming update and to help you hone your skills for the wave of new player-made Capture creations to come, from now until Friday playing any of the official Capture Jobs in GTA Online will earn you twice as much GTA$ and RP. If you haven't yet played Capture Mode in GTA Online, it's a GTA twist on classic capture the flag style confrontations that brings a whole new level of adversarial action to the world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Strategy plays a huge role as you run decoys, set traps and place obstacles to ensure your enemies don't get close to your goods.

Today, there is also a new Title Update available that includes many fixes including bonus RP every time you like or dislike content after playing it, the ability to call Lester and have him instruct the cops to turn a blind eye to criminal activity for a short period of time, as well as increased payouts for completing Parachute, Races, Deathmatches and LTS Jobs with less than four players. To get the new update, just go online with your PS3 or Xbox 360 and GTAV. You'll be prompted to download an automatic update. For the full list of fixes and changes, check out this article at the Rockstar Support page.

See you then! Join the fun at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!

Posted on 02 Apr 2014 (2023 Views)
Create your own Capture job? Check. New DLC? Check. Heists? ... Finally, check! Rockstar has given everyone a quick glimpse of things coming our way this spring in Grand Theft Auto Online (and likely singleplayer too).

You'll soon be able to own multiple properties in GTA Online as part of the forthcoming High Life Update.

Coming next week, the Creator community will be able to make their own original customized Capture Jobs and add to the over 3.5 million (and counting) player-created Deathmatches and Races currently available on Social Club. Strategically place pick-ups, define weaponry, set location, and tweak tons of other variables to make your own unique Capture Job for others to take on.

The High Life Update will allow you to expand your foothold in Los Santos with new high-end apartment options, the powerful Bullpup Rifle, new wardrobe items, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle and three new lavish cars to choose from, including the Super class Pegassi Zentorno. The High Life Update will also feature the debut of multi-property ownership in GTA Online, which means you'll be able to own two distinct properties (with garages) simultaneously. All this plus the new Mental State player statistic, which is designed to let you see just how passive or psychotically unhinged fellow players in your session really are, and a slew of new Jobs.

The new Dewbauchee Massacro and Pegassi Zentorno racing down West Eclipse Blvd

The Bullpup Rifle, coming soon to Ammu-Nation.

Coming this spring to Grand Theft Auto Online, team up with your most trusted Crew members or with random other mercenaries in Grand Theft Auto Online to pull off cooperative Heist Missions for glory and profit. Rockstar knows many in the GTA Online community have been looking forward to this update.

And later this year, look for even more additions to both Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V, including more holiday-themed updates, some very exciting Story Mode DLC, and much more!

Rockstar continues to value your feedback on GTAO. If you have suggestions send them to In upcoming Title Updates and via dynamic tuning, you can expect:
  • The addition of a 'Non-Contact' option for Races. This will allow you to play standard Races with collisions disabled between player vehicles. Other players will appear as semi-transparent and you'll still be able to collide with non-player traffic, structures and other scenery, but this mode - for those who want to play it - will eliminate the "rubbing is racing" mentality that some wish to avoid.
  • Players will be able to call Lester and have him tell his cop buddies to turn a blind eye to any crime you may or may not be committing for a short period of time.
  • As a reward for players who leave feedback on Jobs, there will be some bonus RP granted every time a player likes or dislikes content after playing it.
  • GTA$ payouts will be increased when completing Parachute, Races, Deathmatches and LTS Jobs with less than 4 players.
  • As part of the ongoing commitment to target cheaters and keep the game as fair as possible, Rockstar is closing RP exploits and will be adjusting the RP totals of players who they know for certain to have gained illegitimate RP by cheating. Your RP will only be adjusted if you participated in mods, hacks, DNS redirects, manipulation of cloud files, or other similarly nefarious behavior. If you grinded short legitimate missions or otherwise gained a small amount of RP without modding, your RP should not be affected by this correction.
  • They'll be fixing the issue where players who had upgraded personal vehicles prior to Title Update 1.10 were only able to sell them for $10,000.

Sounds good! Join the fun at the GTA V forums!

Posted on 26 Mar 2014 (801 Views)
Adding to the long list of items in the GTA V collection at Rockstar Warehouse, you can now purchase a limited edition golf club, USB gold bar flash drive, and a T.P.I. t-shirt. More details below...

GTA V Iron: Limited Edition Golf Club
With less than 1,000 units produced this limited edition Grand Theft Auto V Iron makes a nice conversation piece and is also a sturdy 5-iron that can handle those tough, mid-range approach shots. It features the familiar "V" branding on its head and a Rockstar Logo on its grip.

GTAV Gold Bar USB Drive
Snag some encrypted info on the go with this golden hued 2GB USB flash drive featuring a retractable USB that is extended via a slider on the bottom. The bar is cast in a weighty zinc alloy and features molded Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Logos on its front.

GTAV Trevor Philips Industries Tee
Nervous Ron and Trevor are working hard to grow Trevor Phillips Industries. To look the part of a diligent employee consider rocking this soft grey 100% cotton tee featuring a small T.P.I logo on the front and the full "Trevor Philips Industries" logo just below the neck line on the back.

Enjoy and join us at the GTA 5 forums!

Posted on 19 Mar 2014 (928 Views)
Both PlayStation and Xbox are having sales on Rockstar Games titles this week including Max Payne 3 and Bully.

The Xbox Deal of the Week is only available to Xbox Live Gold members and only for Xbox 360 games. The games include Max Payne 3 + Rockstar Pass, Red Dead Redemption, Midnight Club LA, Bully, and LA Noire.

PlayStation's sales start today covering PS3, PS2 & PSP games and go for one week. The PlayStation sales appear to vary in different territories so check with your store (US | EU). PlayStation Plus members also have discounts on Grand Theft Auto titles.

Enjoy and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!

Posted on 14 Mar 2014 (1556 Views)
Once again Steam is lowering prices on Rockstar titles this weekend. All your favorite games are on sale plus others you have still neglected to pickup.

Get full games with all the DLC available plus package deals too. Most items are 67% off with a few 75% and up to 80% off!

We're still waiting for Rockstar Games to announce GTA V on PC but we don't see a reason to lose hope!

Posted on 13 Mar 2014 (2440 Views)
Out of the 9 BAFTA nominations Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Games received, they managed to take home 3 plus induction into the Academy Fellowship.

The awards gained are:
  • Game Design in 2014
  • Multiplayer in 2014
  • British Game in 2014
  • Fellowship in 2014

Top people from Rockstar Games - Dan & Sam Houser, Leslie Benzies, and Aaron Garbut - were at the ceremony to accept the honors:

Congrats to all involved!

Be sure to join the various conversations at the GTA 5 forums!

Posted on 05 Mar 2014 (1790 Views)
Once again Rockstar Games is turning up the RP and hosting a Las Venturas Los Santos business party to celebrate the latest DLC release for GTA V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It's time for some capitalism punishment in the Business Weekend Social Club Online Event, this Friday, March 7th, through Sunday, March 9th.

High-end cars and rarefied recreational activities are on the menu, featuring a diverse portfolio of in-game benefits like bonus RP and GTA$ payouts for Land Races and Air Races respectively - and high powered weapons literally falling from the sky in Event Crate Drops all weekend. Also, there'll be chances to score rare GTAV gear in the Social Club Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes and in-game GTA$1M and the exclusive 'BUSINESS' vanity plate in the #BUSINESS Snapmatic Contest. There'll also be special Event Weekend live-stream broadcasts starting this Friday afternoon with the official Rockstar show, featuring special guests and fun with the new plane, cars, guns and Jobs included in The Business Update.

Acquire the new blazing fast sports cars, Vestra aircraft, and powerful weaponry that are now available in The Business Update and also reap special in-game rewards and bonuses right through the weekend including:
  • 50% more RP in all Land Races, providing the ideal opportunity to open up that brand new Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R.
  • 50% higher GTA$ payouts in all Air Races - a frequent flyer bonus for those who thrive in the skies of Los Santos.
  • High Priority Vehicle - Simeon has spotted a rush in demand for company cars and has put the call out for Ocelot Jackals this weekend. Wait for his text, grab the car and fight your way back to the docks for a nice GTA$ boost.
  • Event Crate Drops - Bonus Event Crate Drops will be falling from the skies regularly in the Downtown Los Santos financial district as well as around the airfields of Los Santos and Blaine County. This weekend, the Crates will be stuffed with RPGs, Miniguns, Sticky Bombs and more RP than ever - with up to 8000RP in every Crate.

Tag your best Snapmatic shots between now and end of day Sunday with #BUSINESS showing off your most creative, most awesome, and most beautifully composed moments featuring any of the new cars, guns, aircraft, gear or Jobs from The Business Update. Rockstar Games will pick five (5) favorites to award GTA$1M in in-game financial dividends as well as the exclusive 'BUSINESS' in-game vanity license plate so you can always roll around Los Santos like a boss.

See full rules and eligibility details.

Rockstar will be kicking off the weekend with this Friday's official Rockstar live stream broadcast from 4-6pm Eastern Time US with two hours of mayhem, hijinks, and playthroughs of the new Business Update Jobs and gear hosted by Rockstar and featuring special invited on-stream guests. They'll be streaming across the Social Club Multiplayer Events page, the Rockstar Games channel, and the Rockstar Games YouTube channel. Tune in and join the fun in the hosted chat at Twitch and Social Club as well.

Finally, enter The Los Santos Better Business Sweepstakes all weekend for the chance to become a walking billboard for some of Los Santos and Blaine County's most reputable local businesses. Five lucky winners will win the super rare Trevor Phillips Industries tee and Merryweather Security camouflage cap. 10 runners-up will score GTAV tees and stickers. To enter, just fill in the form at the Social Club Events page between Friday and the end of day Sunday March 9th.

Sounds good! Join the chat at the GTA 5 forums!

Posted on 04 Mar 2014 (1954 Views)
The Business Update is now available to download from PSN and Xbox Live. This update adds three new blazing fast cars to the Legendary Motorsport roster: the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester, and Grotti Turismo R. Plus there are also new vehicle horn and wheel-smoke options available at LS Customs to give these new rides some additional flair.

For those who prefer to navigate Southern San Andreas by air, hit up Elitas in-game to order the new Vestra luxury jet. There are also two new high-powered weapons available at Ammu-Nation: the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine automatic rifle - plus a new ensemble of business shirts, suits, vests, skirts, hats and other high end attire.

The update also added 14 new Jobs to GTA Online, many of which are inspired by the new additions from The Business Update. There are four new Land Races designed specifically for the Sports and Super class cars. You can take the new Vestra airplane on a tour of the Los Santos skies in any of four new Air Races. Additionally, a pair of new Vehicle Deathmatches feature the Buzzard and the Rhino Tank, plus a new Last Team Standing in Little Seoul, a 2 team Capture at Los Santos City Hall and a new Survival around the Maze Bank Tower.

And make sure to join Rockstar this weekend for the Business Weekend Social Club Online Event featuring exclusive RP and GTA$ bonuses, a new Snapmatic competition, and more! Stay tuned for more details later this week.

Finally, this week's update to GTA Online also includes a host of additional updates and fixes including the ability to disable Slipstreaming in Races, the addition of Barber Shop and Tattoo Parlour locations to the Quick GPS, and a number of other exploit and stability fixes. For the full list, check out the corresponding article on the Rockstar Support page.

To acquire today's free update, fire up your online-connected PS3 or Xbox 360 and load up GTAV. You'll be prompted to download the automatic update (Xbox 360 players will also be required to download an additional compatibility pack). From there, head to the in-game store from the pause menu to access and download the Business Update.

Enjoy and join the fun at the GTA 5 forums!

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